Why the Lewes Pound matters – A personal investigation and cartoon

Post by Patrick Crawford, director of Lewes Pound CiC On the first Saturday of every month the Lewes Pound has a stand at the Farmers’ Market.  This is a rich and rewarding opportunity to engage in a wide variety of fascinating conversations – about the purpose of the Lewes Pound and why people use the […]

Open source ecology

Global Village Construction Set – TED Talk from Open Source Ecology on Vimeo. You could just as easily call this ‘open source technology’ or ‘democratic capitalism’ – build your own tractor in 6 days, build a wind turbine or create your own products with a 3D printer. This collaborative project aims to promote a greater […]

Why inequality is built into money supply

This is another useful three minute video by the campaign group Positive Money who have successfully engaged and corrected both the BBC economics team and certain Bank of England officials on the lazy thinking that continues to inform so called ‘expert opinion’. This video takes a harder look at the money we use. We see […]

Why are the rich getting richer?

Despite its provocative title, this short video is an examination of how money works – or rather how money works against us. At the end of it (it is a short three minute video – three minutes that may transform your understanding) I asked myself  ‘why are there no riots? Why aren’t people outraged at […]

August Market Booklet

Each month, the Lewes Food Market produces its own booklet as part of Market Year. It contains a ‘producer profile’ and imaginative seasonal recipes based on local produce (we recommend the chilled pea and lettuce soup!). This month the producer profile is on Graham Love of Greenway Fruit Farm, one of the last of its […]

Plans for a 62-bed hotel and shops on the site of the former Magistrates Court

 A lot of you, perhaps most of you, will have caught sight of the article in recent Sussex Express ‘Hotel application must be resisted’. It highlights proposals for a 62-bed hotel and shops on the site of the former Magistrates’ Court in Lewes.  Premier Inn are the front runners and while little detail is given […]

How money works

This is a short, succinct two minute video that explains why we are in such a disastrous financial mess. No politician or mainstream media outlet  has yet had the courage to face the public and explain clearly what money is and how it is created as debt. All of us need to understand what is […]

Conference on Complementary Currency Systems

Article by Alexis Rowell, News Editor Transition Free Press I’ve just returned from the 2nd International Conference on Complementary Currency Systems in The Hague with my head buzzing. More than 200 people sharing ideas about alternative economics and local currencies. It was a blast. The five day Conference was organised by the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Qoin, the New […]

The Lewes Pound is on the up again

After a much celebrated launch back in 2008, and then a fall-off in interest and use, the Lewes Pound is on the rise again thanks to supporters who’ve signed up to receive regular monthly payouts of the local currency. Under the terms of the scheme, supporters pay monthly by direct debit and then pick up […]

Patrick presents a Lewes Pound to Green Party leader Natalie Bennett

Back in April Green Party leader Natalie Bennett spent the day in Lewes and visited a number of social and environmental projects. Her busy agenda included a meeting with Patrick Crawford, a director of the Lewes Pound CIC, at All Saints while enjoying the Oyster Project’s delicious Wednesday lunch. The Green Party’s policy is very much in favour of supporting and strengthening local economies, so Natalie was very interested in Patrick’s explanation to […]