How it works

How it works

Using Lewes Pounds is very simple:

  • Buy Lewes Pounds at issuing points
  • You can spend Lewes Pounds with any businesses and traders displaying the Lewes Pound sign. See also the list of traders on the right hand side based on category (click a category)
  • The best way to support the Lewes Pound and the community is to keep the Lewes Pound circulating. You can help to circulate Lewes Pounds by asking for and accepting them in your change, paying suppliers, employees, friends and using them for your general shopping.
  • Five pence (5p) of every Lewes Pound issued is pledged to the Live Lewes Fund*.
  • The money that goes into the Live Lewes Fund will only be used to fund local projects. It will not be used to fund the Lewes Pound initiative.
  • Find fun and creative ways of spending Lewes Pounds for the benefit of Lewes.

*The Live Lewes Fund will be administered by the Lewes-basedSussex Community Foundation. The aim of the new fund is to enable grant funding for projects and initiatives in support of the local community.

Kevin Richmond, the foundation’s chief executive, said:

”The Lewes Pound has captured the imagination of local people, inspiring them to support the Lewes economy and work against the effects of climate change.

“Through the Live Lewes Fund, Sussex Community Foundation is delighted to increase the impact of the Lewes Pound by providing a direct link to community groups. We hope that this will inspire other local people to support their local community and take action against climate change.”

We welcome your feedback.

This is your town and your Pound – please get involved!