Set up a standing order

Set up a standing order

You already do a lot of your shopping in local shops. Maybe you even use Lewes Pounds. What stops you using Lewes Pounds all the time? Is it the hassle of getting hold of them?

There’s now an easy solution. All you have to do is set up a monthly standing order and we’ll place the equivalent sum of Lewes Pounds for you to pick up from your nearest Lewes Pound retailer.

Why is this a good idea?

  • It’s a ‘nudge’: if we all carry Lewes Pounds around in our wallets we will be nudged into using independent shops more frequently
  • Equally, if traders have Lewes Pounds in their tills they are more likely to be ‘nudged’ into spending them with local suppliers
  • Local currencies are in the news at the moment (Bristol and Brixton have launched both paper and Pay By Text versions). A thriving Lewes pound, underwritten by regular monthly spending, is more likely to build a groundswell of support from others in Lewes

It couldn’t be simpler

Just set up a regular monthly payment (preferably for the first of the month). The amount of the payment is up to you – be optimistic! Beneficiary details are as follows:

Lewes Pound CIC
Co-operative Bank
Sort code:  08-92-99
A/C no:  65421792

Please supply your surname as reference. If you don’t use internet banking we’ll be happy to supply a standing order form.

Once you’ve done this, send an email to stating:

– The date and amount of the standing order

– Where you would like to pick up your Lewes Pounds – a list and location of issuers is available here>>>

– Your address and phone number in case of problems

Simply collect your Lewes Pounds after the first of each month from your designated issuing point. You may also need to provide proof of identity if your trader doesn’t know you.

You can change or stop your standing order at any time. You can also nominate someone to pick up your Lewes Pounds on your behalf, if you wish.

What’s more, for every regular payment of £50 or over we’ll give you 10 Lewes Pounds free with your first month’s money!

So start spending – and help support our local economy!

To get Lewes Pounds in Lewes click here