Spend Lewes Pounds

There are over 100 businesses that accept the Lewes Pound, and we are continually adding more. If we have missed out your business, please contact us to give us your details, including your full postcode (we cannot map you without it).

You can also download a list of these businesses that accept the Lewes Pound.

To use the map:

  • Click on a map marker to see information about that business (hover over the marker to see the business’s name).
  • Click on a business’s name in the list of businesses to see information about that business.
  • Filter the map by business category using the legend below the map: click All, and then click the business category (or categories) you want to see e.g. ‘Eating Out’, ‘Pubs’, ‘books’ etc. This will also filter the list of businesses at the right of the map.
  • Close (and open again) the list of businesses by clicking the double arrow at the top right of the map.

Note: if you see a blank map, refresh browser.