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Times are really hard right now for many in our community, especially those using our local food banks. That is why the Lewes Pound has set up our Just Giving page – https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lewespoundsforfoodbankclients – so that you can give directly and be as generous as you are able. Every donation will be very much appreciated.

You can still, of course, Donate-a-Drink in local businesses – Cheese Please, Depot, Harveys, the Patisserie and Seasons – by adding £3 to your bill which is then given out as envelopes of Lewes Pounds to clients of the local food banks.  Donations have dropped off recently, putting in doubt our ability to provide the much appreciated envelopes in the run-up to Christmas. That’s why we have set up the JustGiving page.

Susan from the Lewes Pound says, “Food banks can provide the basics, but there is more to life than survival and we know just how much it means to their clients when they can take their family to the cinema, have a coffee out, or just buy good quality food from local businesses.  One recipient of Lewes Pounds said that for the first time ever she was able to go into Bags of Books and buy books for her grandchildren. It’s a win-win really – food bank clients get some pleasure and control and they in turn put more money into local businesses.”

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