Initial Findings of the Electronic Lewes Pound Survey

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What Residents, Businesses and Visitors Had to Say:

1. We found significant appeal for the Lewes Pound, surveying a total of 110 residents, business owners, and visitors.

a. Between 69% and 75% agreed (slightly or strongly) the Lewes Pound is a good idea to support local businesses and other community causes.

b. Respondents identified a clear set of challenges that the Lewes Pound is keen to address.

2. Using the Lewes Pound (more) depends on:

a. More incentives and benefits (personal and directly to businesses).

b. Demonstrating progress and actual impact e.g. examples of businesses/community causes/others that have benefitted and how.

c. Introducing an electronic / online Lewes Pound.

d. Making it easier and hassle free to pay with and accept Lewes Pounds.

e. A wider variety and more businesses accepting it and with staff offering it as an option to hand it back in change.

f. More /clearer and regular information about how it works.

3. Debit card and smartphone app payment options are preferred ways of paying electronically by residents and visitors:

a. 50%-80% of resident and visitor respondents.

b. Over 70% of respondents aged between 17-40 voted for Smartphone payments.

Next steps:

1. We want to hear from more residents, visitors and businesses in Lewes. So if you haven’t done so already, can you please fill in one or more of these survey links?
For Businesses in Lewes: Business Owner Survey
For Residents/Shoppers in Lewes:  Resident/Shopper Survey
For Visitors to Lewes: Visitor Survey

2. Launch together with the East Sussex Credit Union a new smartphone payment pilot starting with 10-15 (or more) Lewes businesses in February 2016.

3. Complete feasibility study for electronic Lewes Pound and complete Community Development Plan by March 2016.

4. Communicate findings to residents, businesses and visitors.

5. INTERESTED to take part as a business or resident?
Please send an email to

The Lewes Pound is grateful for the support of Bill’s, Cheese Please, Frank Richards & Sons, Harveys, Just Trade Food Co-op, Knill James, Laportes, 50 Sheep, Lewes Town Council, South Downs National Park, Pelham House and Transition Town Lewes.

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