Lewes Pound New Issue

Lewes Pound New Issue

The new issue of the Lewes Pound will launch officially on 3rd May

It will be available at our regular stall in the farmers’ market and at a special stall in the LDC tent at the Chalk Life Festival up on Landport Bottom, as well as at the Southover Fayre at the Priory on 10th May.

The 3rd coincides with the start of the festivities around the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Lewes and this is referenced by some of the notes. Those of you who have standing orders for Lewes Pounds should find the new notes in your envelopes to be collected on 1st May. Also the first 100 people to exchange £20 or more for the new notes will receive a free Battle of Lewes badge.

You won’t see huge changes to the fronts of the new notes with the exception of the new LP10 note which has changed colour from orange to purple. We do think, however, that they look cleaner and more modern. Judge for yourself from the pictures in this newsletter. We think you will be able to tell the difference.. The backs of the notes, however, feature exciting new designs.

The Lewes Pound team would like to thank Chris Smedley for all his hard work on these inspiring designs and our printers for their commitment to our project and the work they put into the many security features that largely go unnoticed.

And finally, we hope you will be eager to use our lovely new notes, but if you still have old notes don’t worry. They. don’t officially expire until August 2014 so you can carry on using them for a while or swap them in for new notes.

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