Local SEO worksheet

This worksheet relates to the article on ‘local search’ and is drawn from a wide range of sources. It is really important that you check that their business comes up in search results. Use your smartphone or tablet and compare results with your desktop. If you are outside Lewes, try using your smartphone and see what comes up. Don’t Google the name of your business – use search terms that potential customers might use e.g. ‘cafe’s in Lewes’.

To download the worksheet:

-See short video and link below

How do I use it?

The worksheet is in the form of a downloadable spreadsheet which you can adapt and  amend for your own purposes. Use it as a checklist, work through the steps indicating as you go along ‘in progress’, ‘completed’ etc.

What does it cover?

The worksheet is divided into three tabs which you access at the bottom of the spreadsheet:

  • Optimising web content: checking and amending your webcontent such as page titles and text content to include reference to your location – Lewes.
  • Citations and online directories: Get listed! particularly on sites such as Google  and make sure that your contact details are up to date and consistent. Old phone numbers, mis-spellings, use of 0800 numbers will all diminish your chances of showing up in local search results
  • Reviews and recommendations – positive reviews  now influence search results. While there is no evidence that negative reviews do the opposite, if left unaddressed it conveys the impression that you simply don’t care. Negative reviews can be turned into an opportunity to address customer dis-satisfaction and demonstrate to potential customers  your commitment to a quality service – and most   people  accept that everyone, including local businesses fall down or  make mistakes at some point. The question is whether and how you respond

How long will it take me to do?

approximately 3-4 hours or half a day. You don’t have to do it all at once – it can be an hour a week over three weeks, just use the column Task Status to indicate what you have or haven’t done. You can then come back to it later.

Download the Worksheet

  1. Click this link>>>

  2. Watch video below if you are not sure how to use it

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