New Lewes Pound Issuing Points

The Lewes Pound is delighted to announce that it now has three new issuing points, making it even easier to exchange sterling for Lewes Pounds and vice versa or to pick up your subscription envelope.

Depot Cinema has now volunteered to be an issuing point for us, having had, as Carmen Slijpen director told us, visitors to town coming in asking where they can get Lewes Pounds. We know that many people are using the Lewes Pound to pay for films, drinks and meals at our community cinema – the perfect experience.

The Patisserie Lewes on Station Street has agreed to be a new Lewes Pound issuing point. And it’s a great cafe too, so you can exchange your Lewes Pounds and enjoy an excellent coffee!

Skylark, downstairs in the Needlemakers, will also now exchange your sterling for Lewes Pounds. While down there you can enjoy a great selection of  books, cards and artistic wares, including fairtraded items.

We would also like to extend our thanks to Laporte’s and to Cheese Please, both of which have very sadly closed down. They have been great supporters the Lewes Pound, as well as being issuing points. We will miss you. Thank you too to the town hall, Richards butchers and Harvey’s, which continue to support the Lewes Pound by acting as issuing points.

All of our issuing points will have our new notes celebrating 10 years of the Lewes Pound available for residents and visitors from 26th April. If you would like a monthly subscription, with an extra Lewes Pound for every £20, please contact

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