A. This serves as one of the important stepping stones to learn about and prove the provisional survey insights and will help us to achieve a grounded and confident design and investment case for an Electronic Lewes Pound with a potential launch in 2017 (when the main underlying new ESCU banking platform is expected to be up and running).

B. The smartphone payment pilot will be in £ sterling but is a ready secure solution that is expected to help local businesses and residents immediately. It is a unique opportunity for everyone living, visiting and or working to try it out and enjoy a new secure, fun, super-fast and rewarding way of supporting and paying at some of your favourite Lewes Businesses.

C. Who can take part?

—everyone with a smartphone can take part (iPhone or and Android based internet connected phone).

Do you want to give it a go? Why not let us know your favourite Lewes Independent Businesses?

Just send an email to or call/message Ferrie on 07482626411 for more info and get your free £5 credit for you to spend in the participating Lewes Businesses!

Are you an independent business owner or do you work for one in Lewes or Lewes District? We’d love to hear from you if want to take part in the pilot!

The initial list of participating businesses will be announced early February.

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