Lewes Food Market

Tina_smallEvery month a member of Lewes Food Market cooks fresh food for customers and passers by to sample. This time it was the turn of  Tina Deubert from Foodworks4U

One of the advantages of being roving reporter for the Lewes Pound is that it gives me the excuse to butt in and sample culinary delights under the pretext that I am promoting local produce. Of course I am promoting local produce! But I’m also giving my taste buds a good time too. And Tina  did not disappoint with her excellent sample of her  Roast Squash and Beetroot with Feta Cheese.

As Tina said, “It’s  a great way to use autumn vegetables, and the addition of feta cheese or another protein makes it a simple, tasty and nutritious light meal.”    The recipe is printed in the current edition of Market Year

You can find out more about Tina’s recipes and the courses she offers  by viewing her website>>>

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