Our director, Susan Murray reports:

On 20th September a film unit was in town to make a film about the Lewes Pound. Our fame is such that this is not so very unusual. On this occasion, though, the film was being made for Spanish television’s regular English language programme on its equivalent of BBC2. This programme has a large mainstream following and is also part of an English language course followed by some 100,000 students. They look for topics of interest to English learners and had decided that something as unusual as the Lewes Pound was worthy of one of their programmes.

Films take some time to edit and complete , but in due course they will send us a link for our website so everyone can see the Spanish take on the Lewes Pound. They filmed sterling being exchanged for LPs at the town hall. The mayor Ruth O’Keeffe gave a short interview explaining how the LP has benefited Lewes and its economy. Then round to the Friday food market to shoot LPs actually being spent on local produce with local traders. The main interview with Susan Murray, Lewes Pound director and treasurer, also took place against the backdrop of the market. They were particularly interested in the ethics of using a local currency and how we might potentially link up with the credit union and food banks.newsletterSubscribe

Susan says, “Hours later I found the crew still filming scenes around Lewes. Hopefully the finished film will not only help Spaniards with their English, but also encourage them to visit Lewes and spend our Lewes Pounds in local businesses.”


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