Lewes Pound Open Meeting

7.30pm Wednesday 20th August,

Rights of Man Pub

Please come and join with us to talk about the Lewes Pound and how it can fit in with other ways of keeping money local and working for ordinary people.

On this occasion we want to talk about making links with the East Sussex Credit Union and thence more widely in the community. This is the most realistic option for local people and businesses wanting some form of local banking. It gives us the opportunity to reach out beyond the small group of people currently using the Lewes Pound. It may well be the route via which we can move our local currency into an electronic format more convenient to many people, as well as a way of achieving better contact with the district council. We can’t do any of this alone, though – we need the support of everyone who cares about the future of our local economy.

So do come along on 20th August to discuss the possibilities – together we can make a real difference.

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