The Lewes Pound – The way forward

The New Economics Foundation

is hosting a workshop:



Monday 6th October 2014, 5.30pm for 6pm start, finishing 8.30pm.


The Linklater Pavilion

Food and drinks provided

The New Economics Foundation and Community Currencies in Action are hosting a workshop to ensure that the purpose of the Lewes Pound is clear, is needed and supports Lewes.

If you support the local economy of Lewes we want to hear from you! We are interested in your views and opinions. What do you like about the Lewes Pound? What do you not? What difference does it make for you and the local community? We are doing this to evaluate how well the currency works as well as setting a direction for future strategy.

The workshop will be facilitated by Alice Martin and Duncan McCann from NEF.

We will really appreciate your contribution and time!

We will be using NEF’s “Theory of Change” methodology – an approach to helping people like us deal positively with the challenges of complexity.We expect it to be an interesting and enjoyable evening for us all.

Please join us.

Recommended donation of £5 to cover refreshments. Please RSVP to or talk to Susan or Patrick and pay in advance.

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