There’s still time to donate a drink

The Lewes Pound Donate a drink image

A big thank you to all of you who have donated a Drink at the Depot to help support local food bank users. You might have noticed some extra publicity recently and this certainly seems to have propelled more of you into taking this action to reduce poverty in our town. We are very pleased to say that over £1000 has been donated since the scheme began and we aim to give out most of that at Lewes food banks in the run-up to Christmas. (Some was given out at Easter and late donations will be allocated to a further handout at Easter 2020.)

If you have already donated you will know that it is very easy. When you order a drink or a meal at the Depot ask to also Donate a Drink and an extra £3 will be added to your bill. It makes only a small difference to you but the smile on the faces of those receiving the money to spend on a treat is priceless. The money is separately accounted for and is handed over to the Lewes Pound for us to give out envelopes of Lewes Pounds to food bank users. Please help. This is a small way to make a big difference to some of the less fortunate in our town.

Oh and don’t forget it supports the local economy too as recipients use their Lewes Pounds in local businesses. We know that some have used them to visit the Depot; others ate out at the the John Harvey Tavern; one teenager was able to buy clothes at Oxfam; and others spent them in the Riverside or Bags of Books or intended to spend them at the Flint Owl Bakery.

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