Two new notes launched to celebrate the opening of Depot cinema

Depot cinema

A new special issue of the Lewes Pound will be appearing shortly. This time it will be celebrating the opening of the new Depot cinema in Lewes with unique LP1 and LP5 notes.

The notes as ever will be fully backed by sterling and exchangeable upon request. They are being printed to the usual high standard, accepted in over 100 local businesses and are a welcome addition to the current Lewes Pound notes.

The new notes show the drawing of the building and highlight some of the brilliant film silhouettes that have intrigued us over the past months. The notes will be available at all the usual issuing points, Cheese Please, Frank Richards, Harvey’s Brewery Shop, Laporte’s and Lewes Town Hall – as well as at the Depot itself.


“We are delighted to celebrate the opening of our independent 3-screen cinema with special edition Lewes Pound notes. The notes add to the fun of the occasion and can be used in the Depot for cinema tickets as well as refreshments.”

Carmen Slijpen, Creative Director, Depot


“The Depot cinema is a much anticipated addition to the cultural life of Lewes and our special notes are designed to add to the excitement. We are proud to support these great Lewes occasions. We hope these new, beautifully designed notes will be used and encourage visitors to Lewes.”

Susan Murray, Director, Lewes


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