We’re back online!

Website down, email hacked and spewing out spam – what’s the saying? Never let a good crisis go to waste. And we haven’t because we have been working furiously to remedy the situation by creating a new website and separate email address. The website has the same address as you will see, but the new email address: thelewespound@gmail.com. So please use that for future contact.

Finally apologies to all those who received spam email from the old email address. These things happen no matter how careful or secure you strive to be.

One other bit of news: Zoe Reason is stepping down as the Lewes Pound Coordinator after a year in the post- but a year which has seen very positive developments.  According to Susan Murray one of the directors of the Lewes Pound company:

“Zoe has brought a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm for the Lewes Pound and the results can be seen in a significant growth in the circulation over the past year and a real awareness of its importance for the local economy. She has done a brilliant job and we wish her all the best for the future”

Yes, we all owe her a Big Thankyou! However you won’t have time to miss her as she says she will back banging the Lewes Pound Drum after a well earned break. This is purely on a voluntary basis as and when time permits while she pursues new business and personal interests.

The new Lewes Pound Co-ordinator is Gavin Barker and you will get to know him as he introduces himself to you all over the next month.

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