The Lewes Pound is delighted that there are now six Lewes businesses that support Lewes food banks through our Donate-a-Drink scheme, whereby customers can add £3 to their bill which will be given out as… Read More

Please Support Ouse Valley Solar Farm

The Lewes Pound encourages you to support the Ouse Valley Solar Farm. We are asking you, supporters of renewable energy and the sustainability agenda to help get the planning permission required so Lewes District Council  can… Read More



The Lewes Pound is delighted to welcome Seasons in Cliffe High Street to its Donate-a-Drink scheme, whereby customers can add £3 to their bill which will in due course be given out as envelopes of… Read More

Producer profile: Fisherman Chris Veasey of Veasey and Sons, Fishmongers

Fishing, like so many vital human activities today, is an industry. Large fish processing companies often operate their own fishing fleets or farming operations  and sell their products to grocery chains or to intermediaries. Because the… Read More

Producer profile: Alan Rae of Fletching Glasshouses

“ I’m looking forward to a greater awareness of vital food security issues with government and people organising their buying around local food.”   Alan Rae runs Fletching Glasshouses which delivers  affordable fresh local organic vegetables door-to-door. He… Read More

Presenting the Mumfords

Presenting the Mumfords

Susan Murray, one of the directors of the Lewes Pound CiC, gives her account of the Mumford event The Lewes Pound was delighted to be part of all the excitement around the recent Gentlemen of… Read More

The Lewes Pound and the Mumford Weekend

A Post by Susan Murray, one of the directors of Lewes Pound CIC. We at the Lewes Pound are getting fully involved in the excitement around the forthcoming Gentlemen of the Road Stopover weekend in… Read More

We’re back online!

Website down, email hacked and spewing out spam – what’s the saying? Never let a good crisis go to waste. And we haven’t because we have been working furiously to remedy the situation by creating… Read More