Why are the rich getting richer?

Despite its provocative title, this short video is an examination of how money works – or rather how money works against us.

At the end of it (it is a short three minute video – three minutes that may transform your understanding) I asked myself  ‘why are there no riots? Why aren’t people outraged at what is going on?’

Part of the answer is incredulity. When a truth this big hits you,  it is hard to take it all  in – it is too unsettling to our common sense understanding of banks and money and you catch yourself thinking  ‘surely it can’t be like this…?’. The comforting familiarity of our high street bank, the reassuring smile of the cashier, the routine of paying in and taking out the cash we need; all comply and re-inforce a settled ordered existence to our week – and beneath that,  a somnolence and collective sense of denial we would rather not disturb.

This video is a threat, a challenge, a question to that settled routine: we don’t want to know, we would rather it were not so, because the implications are too unsettling, even terrifying.

Ultimately we are all complicit in a banking system that has brought us to the brink of economic collapse and continues to do enormous damage to our economic and social wellbeing. When will the sleepers awake?

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