Please Support Ouse Valley Solar Farm

The Lewes Pound encourages you to support the Ouse Valley Solar Farm.

We are asking you, supporters of renewable energy and the sustainability agenda to help get the planning permission required so Lewes District Council  can achieve it’s ambition of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.  
Log into the LDC planning portal here and add your support to the proposal. 
The planning reference is :  LW/22/0254

This project forms a major part of our ambitions to contribute meaningfully to the security of energy supply in Lewes District.

  • Ouse Valley Solar Farm is expected to generate up to 17MW of clean renewable electricity to the National Grid
  • This proposal would assist Lewes District Council in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions in line with local, national and international targets and the declared Climate Emergency.
  • The proposal would generate the equivalent electrical needs of approximately 4,800 family homes which equates to an anticipated CO2 displacement of around 6,800 tonnes per annum.
  • Significant biodiversity net gain is also expected with a 234% net gain in habitat areas and 104% net gain in hedgerow areas.
  • As a community energy project, local residents have the ability to invest in Ouse Valley Solar Farm and receive an annual return on their investment. All further profits from the solar farm will be invested directly back into the local community.

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