The Lewes Pound is delighted to welcome Seasons in Cliffe High Street to its Donate-a-Drink scheme, whereby customers can add £3 to their bill which will in due course be given out as envelopes of Lewes Pounds to users of the local food banks.

Susan Murray from the Lewes Pound says, “We believe that the Lewes Pound is about much more than just money and one of our aims is to promote social justice in our town. Since the Donate-a-Drink scheme launched at the Depot back in 2018 nearly 5,000 Lewes Pounds have been donated to customers of the Lewes food banks, some collected at the Depot, some from a bequest and some donated directly by the Lewes Pound CIC. This has allowed foodbank customers to treat themselves to things and activities they might otherwise have been unable to afford, supporting local businesses at the same time. One recipient said, for instance, that she was able to buy a lovely box of chocolates for her Mum at Poppy’s in the Riverside. As things open up after the pandemic we are keen to involve other local businesses in the scheme and are delighted that Seasons is the first to do so.
We would also like to encourage more people to set up a standing order to get regular Lewes Pounds. You get an extra LP1 for every £20 in your standing order – even more to spend at Seasons or elsewhere. You can even collect your LPs from Seasons.”

Robin from Seasons says, “Our business has been proud to accept Lewes Pounds ever since we first opened our shop in Cliffe High Street. We wanted to do more and were enthusiastic when the LP suggested that we could support food bank customers by becoming part of the Donate-a-Drink scheme – a way of giving a little bit back to the town. You will see the special stickers on our tills reminding you just how easy it is to make a small donation to support those less fortunate than yourself.”

The Lewes Pound would be delighted to hear from any other local businesses that would like to get involved in the scheme. Just contact Susan on susan@thelewespound-org for more information.

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