The Lewes Pound and the Mumford Weekend

A Post by Susan Murray, one of the directors of Lewes Pound CIC.

We at the Lewes Pound are getting fully involved in the excitement around the forthcoming Gentlemen of the Road Stopover weekend in Lewes on 19thand 20th July. This is going to be something really unique in the Lewes calendar and we are aware that Mumford and Sons know about the Lewes Pound and are keen to promote local produce and traders.

So we have decided to celebrate it with a special edition Lewes Pound. In fact we are producing special LP5 and LP1 notes. They’ll be identical to the regular ones on the front side with special artwork on the back, agreed with the event organisers, plus all the usual security features. We are now finalising the design to go to our usual printers. They will be valid in exactly the same way as the current notes, so you will be able to buy just one as an unusual souvenir of the weekend or you will be able to spend them in all the usual Lewes businesses or indeed at the Country Fayre on the Priory site if you have tickets for the weekend.

The Lewes Pound is one of the lucky stallholders at the Priory and we are expecting to be there from Friday through to Sunday morning. We will be exchanging sterling for LPs and vice-versa in the usual way; we hope to have some special collector’s packs available and we will be giving some space too to other Transition Town Lewes initiatives. We will for instance have lots of copies of the special Lewes insert in the most recent edition of the Transition Free Press, which features our latest LP standing order initiative.

If you are going to the Mumford and Sons Stopover weekend do drop by the Lewes Pound stall to see us and if not do take the opportunity to get and spend some of our special edition notes. Yes another way for you to support Lewes and its local businesses.

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