The Lewes Pound in Numbers

100+ Number of local Lewes businesses accepting Lewes Pounds
6 Issuing points where you can buy Lewes Pounds – Lewes Town Hall, Cheese Please, Harveys Brewery Shop, Laportes, Mr Richards Butchers and Lewes Farmers Market (1st Saturday)
LP 10,000 The number of Lewes Pounds currently in circulation
LP 1,000+ The amount of Lewes Pounds on monthly subscription.  You can set up a standing order here:
LP 21 The highest denomination of Lewes Pounds because 5% of the amount we issue is donated to Lewes causes – or 20 guineas for the racing minded.  The other denominations are LP10, LP5 and LP1
£6,500 The amount donated to Lewes causes from the Lewes Pounds bought as mementos
1789 Date of the first Lewes Pound and the start of the French Revolution
2008 Launch of the current series of Lewes Pounds, 9 years ago
4 Soon to be 5, the number of collectors packs for sale.  A new Celebrating Lewes pack will be available soon
8 The number of Lewes Pound notes being presented at the International Bank Note Fair in Amsterdam in March 2017
7 Number of UK towns with local currencies: Bristol, Brixton, Exeter, Kingston, Liverpool, Totnes and of course Lewes
62 The number of different reasons given for using Lewes Pounds – from ‘It’s unexpected’; ‘supports Lewes’; ‘it’s fun’; ‘celebrates Lewes’; ‘attracts visitors’; ‘less food miles’; ‘provides the seeds of an alternative to the international financial system’; – ‘makes you think’ amongst others

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