How money works

This is a short, succinct two minute video that explains why we are in such a disastrous financial mess. No politician or mainstream media outlet  has yet had the courage to face the public and… Read More

Conference on Complementary Currency Systems

Article by Alexis Rowell, News Editor Transition Free Press I’ve just returned from the 2nd International Conference on Complementary Currency Systems in The Hague with my head buzzing. More than 200 people sharing ideas about alternative economics and… Read More

The Lewes Pound is on the up again

After a much celebrated launch back in 2008, and then a fall-off in interest and use, the Lewes Pound is on the rise again thanks to supporters who’ve signed up to receive regular monthly payouts… Read More

Patrick presents a Lewes Pound to Green Party leader Natalie Bennett

Back in April Green Party leader Natalie Bennett spent the day in Lewes and visited a number of social and environmental projects. Her busy agenda included a meeting with Patrick Crawford, a director of the Lewes Pound CIC, at All Saints while enjoying the Oyster Project’s delicious Wednesday… Read More

A visitor shares his first impressions of Lewes and the Lewes Pound

I recently met up with Thomas  Kirchmayer, a visitor from ingolstadt in Germany at the Pleasant Cafe in Mount Pleasant Street(see photo above). He has visited east Sussex in the past but this was his first visit to… Read More

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