The Lewes Pound – more than just money

During the Covid crisis it hasn’t really been possible to spend Lewes Pounds, either because businesses that accept them have been closed or because businesses have preferred contactless payments, rather than paper, to reduce the… Read More


We at the Lewes Pound believe in acting local and thinking global, to use the cliched but useful saying. We therefore decided to measure what we are doing against the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Below… Read More

Support our local ecosystems by playing a new lottery

The Lewes Pound is pleased to support the South Downs Lottery as another way of protecting and promoting our local environment. It has been launched by South Downs National Park Trust as a fun way… Read More

Design plans for the Lewes Pound in 2020

The Lewes Pound will be starting work on the new issue due in 2020 once the holiday season is out of the way. We have already started to talk about possible designs. We are keen,… Read More