Colin Tingle’s Bequest

Colin Tingle as a director of the Lewes Pound was a huge enthusiast for local currencies, how they support local businesses and everyone in local communities, and their connection with the local environment. His passionate… Read More

New Lewes Pound Issuing Points

The Lewes Pound is delighted to announce that it now has three new issuing points, making it even easier to exchange sterling for Lewes Pounds and vice versa or to pick up your subscription envelope.… Read More

Lewes Pound Subscription Special Offer

Did you know that the easiest way to get your Lewes Pounds is to set up a standing order and then collect a monthly envelope from an issuing point of your choice. In addition we… Read More

Social Media Vacancy

Do you know a young person who would like to earn £25 pocket money per week helping the Lewes Pound with its Twitter account? If so please pass this on and ask them to get… Read More

Happy Birthday to the Lewes Pound!

Hurrah, the Lewes Pound celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2018 – a significant milestone. Indeed the Mayor of Lewes hosted a reception for the Lewes Pound on 25th April in the town hall – a… Read More

Celebrating 10 years of OVESCO and Transition Town Lewes

The Lewes Pound is proud to celebrate the 10th anniversaries of both Transition Town Lewes (TTL) and OVESCO with uniquely designed LP1 and LP5 Lewes Pound notes. The notes are fully backed by sterling and… Read More

The Lewes Pound in Numbers

100+ Number of local Lewes businesses accepting Lewes Pounds 6 Issuing points where you can buy Lewes Pounds – Lewes Town Hall, Cheese Please, Harveys Brewery Shop, Laportes, Mr Richards Butchers and Lewes Farmers Market… Read More

Lewes Pound Subscription Special Offer

To encourage greater use of the Lewes Pound to support the local economy we are offering an extra free Lewes Pound for EVERY £20 monthly payment (ie an extra LP5 for £100) It is an easy Three Step Process:… Read More

Honouring Colin Tingle

The Lewes Pound is very sorry to note the death on 18th May of Colin Tingle, one of our directors and a huge enthusiast for local currencies and their connection with the local environment. He saw local… Read More

Two new notes launched to celebrate the opening of Depot cinema

Depot cinema

A new special issue of the Lewes Pound will be appearing shortly. This time it will be celebrating the opening of the new Depot cinema in Lewes with unique LP1 and LP5 notes. The notes… Read More